Football Info


Player Conduct

Arriving on time for practices and games

Bringing all gear to practice/games

Listening to instructions

Giving full attention to drills

Offer positive encouragement to teammates

Encouraging less skilled teammates

Following the Steelers Values

Accepting all decisions of the referees

Offering a hand to an opponent after a play

Kneeling when there is an Injured player

Shaking hands with opponents after a game

Congratulating an excellent effort by an opponent


Attendance Policy

You Are Expected to Attend Every Practice!


Be at practice on time and ready to practice by 5:30 pm.

We practice in all weather heat, cold, rain, snow!  The only exception is if lightening is near.

The Head Coach may call a Saturday practice, or a Monday film review meeting, at their discretion.

Excused absences are: Educational functions, Religious activities or Illness.

Unexcused absences are not tolerated (come to practice and check in).

Injured players are expected to attend practice in Street Clothes.

One missed practice (excused or unexcused) – Coach has discretion regarding next game playing.

Two of more missed practices, player will not play in the following weekend game (subject to review   by the Unit Director).

Call Your Team Mom if you will be absent from practice or expect to be late to practice.

2017 Football Practice Schedule 


Watching Players During Practice

Parents are welcome to watch practice.  However, we require that you stay behind the fence adjacent to the tennis courts or watch from the game field stands.

You will not be allowed to watch practice from the tennis court surface or on the practice field.

Abiding to this procedure will allow the coaching staff and athletes to concentrate solely on the players practice without interruption or distraction.

                                             Player Position Assignments

Player Position Assignments are Determined Solely by the Coaching Staff

Playing Time

The minimum playing time for each player is determined by the number of players officially weighed in and ready to play.  Playing Time Rule:

1. Four (4) plays per half if a team has 30 or more players.

2. Five  (5) plays per half if a team has 20-29 players.

3. Six    (6) plays per half if a team has 19 or less players.

24 point Game Rule

When a team leads by twenty-four (24) points or more, five (5) designated players from that team shall not play Offense until the score difference is less than 24 points.

Those five (5) designated players can only play Defense while the 24 Point Game Rule is in effect.


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