Cheer Info


Cheerleader Conduct


Arrive on time for practices/games
Encourage less skilled teammates
Bring all gear and full uniform to All practices/games
Follow the Steelers Values
Listen and Follow instructions
Kneel when there is an injured player during a games
Give full attention to your coaches
Shake hands with opponents after a game
Offer positive encouragement to teammates
Congratulate an excellent effort by an opponent during a game or Cheer Rally

Attendance Policy

Attendance will be taken daily. Be at practice on time and ready to practice by 5:30 pm.

Excused Absences

– Excused absence includes religious and education activities or illness only!

Unexcused Absences

– Absence to attend a school social function will be considered an unexcused absence.

– (1) unexcused absence in a week will result in the forfeiture of 1/2 participation in next game.

– (2) unexcused absences in a week will prevent you from participating in our next game.

– Tardiness to a game will result in the forfeiture of 1/4 of the next game

– Tardiness to practice or request for early dismissal due to other regularly scheduled commitments

We practice in all weather (heat, cold, snow)

The only exception is lightning and rain (see below)

Come properly dressed for the weather!

– If you are outside for 1 hour, dress as if the temperature were 10 degrees colder.

– If you are outside for 2 or more hours, dress as if the temperature were 20 degrees colder.

The Team Coach may call an additional practice at their discretion.

Injured cheerleaders are expected to attend practice.

Sick cheerleaders should stay home.

Call Your Team Mom if you will be absent from practice or expect to be late to practice.

2017 Cheer Practice Schedule

You are expected to attend every practice


Watching Cheer During Practice


                         Parents can watch from behind the fence or from the stands.
Using the track is permitted for your personal exercise.  However, do not stop to watch practice.
Do not pass food to your child during practice. Viewing from the Cultural Center is prohibited.

NO smoking on PARC property

Rain Days

Practice will be cancelled at the discretion of the Unit Director or Cheerleading Director based on weather conditions by 4:30 pm.  Included in the “lightning only” rule for cheerleaders, we understand that Cheer practice cannot be productive in substantial rain.  You will be contacted if practice is cancelled on account of rain, otherwise, please assume we are practicing.  If it starts to rain during practice, cheerleaders will go to the Cultural Center.  Click here -> Cultural Center.


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